Quick Guide to Moonstone

    When creating a Moonstone wallet one user name and an account name are needed.

    • The username is associated with the Moonstone Application
    • Account name is associated with the Bitshares Blockchain

    Best way to distinguish between them is that within Moonstone you are recognized by your Moonstone username and anything that requires transfers from outside should be addressed to your Bitshares Blockchain account name.

    The Moonstone wallet creates both these accounts for the user, however we only manage, maintain and keep the data for your Moonstone account, not the Bitshares account.

    Your private data concerning the real Bitshares blockchain or any other blockchain we integrate will not be stored with us – that is why inputting your passphrase is required every time you perform a transfer. We merely cryptographically combine together the transaction you wish to broadcast and we send that completed transaction to the responsible blockchains for execution. Working in this manner removes our liability on your funds and as a result keeps your accounts safe from any hacker. End security relies on how secure the User’s computer is, Moonstone does not store any unencrypted user private keys and as such as no access to any funds.

  • Funding Your Wallet

    Before funding a Moonstone wallet it is important to extract your account key. It can be found in the first page of Moonstone when you first login into Moonstone

    Copy your account name and your public key somewhere since in any external funding scenario it will be required to have them. They are accessible at any time from Settings -> Wallet.

    There are several scenarios in which a Moonstone wallet can be founded.

  • I do not own any crypto funds

    If you are not an actual owner of any crypto funds then the first step is to convert your Dollars, Euros or Yuens into crypto funds, most likely Bitcoin. There are several exchanges that facilitate that including Kraken and Coinbase. After going through these exchanges you should have been able to get some crypto tokens such as Bitcoins.

  • I own crypto funds but no Bitshare Assets

    Having crypto funds is the first step. The second one would be to go to an instant exchange such as Metaexchange or Shapeshift

    Where you can exchange Bitcoins or any other crypto token to any other. Your receiving account will be your Bitshares Blockchain Account that we retrieved above.

    After performing this exchange the funds should be available in your Moonstone wallet shortly. Good luck and feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] or Skype us directly at moonstone.bitsapphire.