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Many people nowadays have been in financial turmoil for various reasons, from losing their jobs to wages, to woes of all kinds of things (DVDs, TVs, sports equipment or paid holidays). The ending is the repayment of old debt debts by new ones, when people get into debt traps, from which is a difficult way back. And so some solve the problem by cash loan money offered by advertisements in newspapers, magazines and televisions, and the Internet is full. “Money right now, on hand and without confirmation of the receipt or check of the bank register” are headlines, trailers for people without funds. It’s a very tempting temptation to get cash in our living room, no one’s asking us anything, but …

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Before we decide for loans for poor credit Alaska, we should answer three questions. And as far as possible, so that we do not hurt financially and do not sit down to the potential borrowers:

  1. Do we really need the thing we want or is it just a satisfaction of a sudden desire that will soon be lost? Today’s world is built on MIT, owed by individuals and states, but we should live with what we have and not with what we want. How to get a loan with bad credit Alaska? See case from practice:
  • “There are people who get into debt because of alcohol, drugs, night life, others because of the sudden loss of set standards and suddenly there is nothing to pay a mortgage and a car. For me, it was from my point of view “back” the three circumstances: irresponsibility; a certain inability to look forward to the future with an extreme desire for certain things; blurred elbows, inexperience, resp. abuse.
  • Payday loans bad credit Alaska: the irresponsibility was, for example, the reason that I paid more than 40,000 crowns in finals for fines to the USTraffic Company.
  • Inability to plan life was reflected in CD purchases. The peak was when I (the 90s) got the biggest Christmas reward of 10tis $ left in the CD store – a moment’s joy was replaced by unpleasant uncertainty, the feeling that I did something wrong … today I have more than 1,000 CDs at home today.

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Poor elbows led to the fact that I was running my own car in the final, which I myself paid, and still paid for gasoline for business trips, because my limit was not enough. I worked for eight years as a sports editor (cycling). This loyalty to my employer cost me about two-thirds of my net monthly. There was a change of work. Real estate broker – it promised better profits. I bought a better car, but again used and the next day out to service. Repair for 30,000 crowns – I paid a mountain bike then. “

  1. How much do you borrow? We should borrow as much as we can repay. Each of us has different benchmarks, someone does not even borrow because he has panic in horror of debt, another borrows cheerfully from everyone who lends him, and he is convinced that he will still manage it until one day comes to an end because he finds himself in a debt trap .

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The general principle is that: 25% of the net income of a family or an individual should consist not only of installments, but also of other people and property insurance or savings. 75% then remains on consumption, such as housing, clothing, food, drugstore, telecommunication, transportation, tuition, but also hobbies and holidays. If the 25% threshold is exceeded, it becomes the first serious sign of future financial problems. Generally speaking, we lack the so-called financial literacy, when our ancestors were able to keep a simple pencil in hand and a book of home accounting, write down incomes and expenses, and watch both the income and the spending side very anxiously. It is striking that at the time of executive computers and the available education for all sections of the population we can not manage family budgets. Perhaps the best times for our children, for which the education of financial and economic literacy with the support of the CNB is introduced in basic and multi-year grammar schools.

  1. From whom do we borrow money? If we borrow cash from a bank that has a bank license from the American National Bank (without this license, the bank can not do business on the territory of USA) we have a guarantee of state supervision over the terms of the credit agreement, which means that the conditions are guaranteed in advance and are in line with current practices in the banking market. It also means that interest is reasonable up to 20% pa. and for some banks, the loan can be repaid without penalty. Which banks provide this service for free and which are not shown in the following tables.

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