A few words about us

Moonstone is a multi-token wallet developed by Bitsapphire.

Bitsapphire is a company that was co-founded by Dite Gashi, Valmir Hazeri, and Taulant Ramabaja.
Our team is made of individuals around the world who are skilled and experienced in their own fields. This diversity of cultures makes our team able to think from many perspectives over the user experience that we want to give.

Moonstone’s goal is to be the perfect virtual currency wallet. Instead of having your funds scattered in various wallets and exchanges, why not have one place where you can store all your different cryptocurrencies, and know that they’re safe!

The general idea for Moonstone is to create a highly capable and user-friendly multi-token wallet. Although self-funded, Moonstone is top-priority development, seeing as we want to meet the high demands for such a wallet. Moonstone is a work in progress and we, at Bitsapphire, are working vigorously to make Moonstone the best digital wallet out there.