Moonstone is a user friendly multi-token wallet

Sending and receiving BTC & BTS to anyone in the world is an easy process when using Moonstone, as well as trading Bitshares Assets.

Why Moonstone?

The Moonstone wallet is specially designed to make transactions with virtual currencies a steadfast experience for you. You’re also the key master - the gatekeeper, as Moonstone never handles your raw private key; it is stored locally and all transaction signings occur on client-side.

moonstone transfer


Integrated BTC Market

Visually attractive trading platform Moonstone Market allows for one click trading with Bitshare assets, placing orders and even creating and managing your own assets.

Real-time Market Feed

All the data within Moonstone is provided real time giving the user complete control over what is happening in the markets.


Why bother having multiple wallets when one can integrate your existing wallets or create new ones within Moonstone.

Secure Client Side Encryption

Our users are their own key masters. We never handle users raw private key, it is stored with them locally and all transaction signing occurs client side.


We provide you with the ability to search, add new contacts, and give them your own custom names, so transferring is easy and you no longer have to remember public keys.
Transfer inside Moonstone between contacts or outside to a public key.

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